Management Services





Professional Services

  • Mediation between the Managers and Technical Departments;
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding the evolution of IT in your organisation based on "best practices"; 
  • Support the development of Action Plans and Resources;
  • Consulting for choosing strategies and solutions for saving and cost optimisation;
  • Evaluating and recommending solutions for Business Intelligence and Decision Support;
  • Collaboration in the assessment, creation or redesign of processes and channels of E-Business (e.g. electronic commerce);
  • Research and development of innovative solutions to optimise business processes.

Operational Areas

  • Survey and optimisation infrastructure, procedural and organisational IT;
  • Implementing Organisation and Quality Control processes;
  • Intermediation between functional and technical departments in order to maintain a desired level of quality and outcomes;
  • Mediation and negotiation with IT vendors;
  • Project Management and implementation
  • Evaluation of Insourcing and Outsourcing solutions;
  • Support the creation of contract documents and queries to the market;
  • Evaluation of options, alternatives and impacts related to IT;
  • Support the creation of new spaces involving infrastructure and networks.